Sunday, February 8, 2009

Playing catch up...

So, here I am again...behind on my blogging. Mostly, we've just been sick, sick, sick! I was really hoping that this would be the year that we made it through the cold season with little to no sickness, but I guess there's always next year, right?

Oh well, so here's some of the things that's been keeping me too busy to blog...

While Cooper and I were waiting to see the Dr. at Care Now, we were looking through a Family Fun magazine. Cooper saw this fun food craft and wanted to make it, so when we stopped at the pharmacy to get his medicine for his strep throat, we bought all the goods to make these banana snow men. Carter got to make one too...I think Conner was still taking a nap so he missed out. Take a look at our cute little snowmen!

We had a 'snow day', which in Texas means and 'ice' day! Cooper was thrilled to have a break from school, until we informed him that he will have to make it up later. All that mattered today was having fun in the ice. Day had the idea to send them down the driveway in the recycle bin. Cooper thought it was awesome, but Conner and Carter...not so much. I'll try and add the video but for now, here are the pictures of our icy fun!

Cooper had a birthday! He's now a big 6 year old! We had lots of fun at his party at ASI and his friends had lots of fun too. He's growing up so fast! Here are some shots of his party fun...

Finally, last Sunday we had our second annual Super Service Sunday project. This year we brought lunch to a local fire department. The boys came with us and got to check out the fire truck. It was great to say thank you to these guys who do so much for our community.

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