Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Day!

Twas the night before Christmas, so we laid out our cookies and notes for Santa, and headed off to bed. The next morning, we decided to torture the kids and make pancakes for breakfast before letting them see their gifts from Santa or open any presents. Aside from trying to sneak a peak every now and then, they did really well.
One thing about this Christmas I hope to never forget was during Christmas Eve dinner with around 50 or so family of my grandmothers, Cooper was deep in thought about something. Then he turned to me and asked; "Are Mary and Joseph on the donkey right now?" My four year old son was thinking that since tomorrow was Jesus birthday, that Mary and Joseph must be on their way to Bethlehem to have him right now. It blew me away that he was insightful enough to think of this! So, I explained to him that yes, Jesus was born on Christmas day, but only once a very long time ago, just like he was born once and we celebrate his birthday every year. He seemed to understand, and went back to eating.

Every Christmas I am reminded of how truly blessed I am with my family, my husband, my children and most of all with a savior who would have come even if I was the only one to believe in him! Our day was so relaxing and peacful, with lots of fun, toys, naps and food. Papaw and Jean worked so hard to make our time there relaxing and full of wonderful memories. Jean even went so far as to have a seperate tree for each of the boys, with a singing puppy stocking on top. She knows how to make each one of them feel so special.(spoiled rotten) We love them so very much!

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