Saturday, April 19, 2008

My Valentine Present...better late than never;)

I know this is way past due, but wanted to share these pictures and brag on my sweet husband. This year Day planned for us to have our pictures made together, without ANY children in them...only the two of us. I was very excited about it and felt it was a very sweet and thoughtful idea. I had found a dress awhile back that I had planned on wearing for our anniversary, but it came and went and we never got to go out...probably due to a sick kid I'm sure. Day had not seen it, and so it was part of my Valentine surprise for him. I know it's a bit on the revealing side, but I knew that's why he would like it. So, here are our pictures. I'm sure in 20 years from now, our boys will be cracking up at how silly our hair looks but most of all, I hope they see how much their parents loved each other and worked hard to keep their relationship fun and exciting. I'm lucky to have such a sweet Valentine.

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