Sunday, June 1, 2008

My Sports Champ!

This Saturday was Cooper's last week of Sports 101. He played 4 games of t-ball and 4 games of soccer and Day got to be the coach for both. He did a great job with the kids and taught them a lot. Cooper's soccer team was undefeated, and going into the last game Cooper said, "I think we should let the other team win, since they haven't gotten to win yet." I was so proud and touched by his thoughtfulness. Coach "daddy" on the other hand thought it best to just "let the game play out." Not to mention that when game time came, Cooper had a bit of a change of heart himself. I must say, my boys are quite competitive. Here are some pictures from the "season".

So proud of his trophy!

Showin' his "skills".

Throw in.

Dribbling through the cones.

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