Saturday, July 5, 2008

A Fun Filled Fourth!

We had a busy and fun filled Fourth of July this year. We started out the day with a trip to the movies with the older boys to see Wall-e. It was a little slow for Conner's taste, but overall it was pretty good. Then we headed over to my grandparents assisted living place for lunch. We had a nice visit with G.G and Dede then we headed home for naps. After nap and dinner we went out to the "country" a.k.a. Phillip and Angela's house to shoot some fireworks. Cooper decided that he would be more brave than last year (last year he sat in a chair with a pillow over his face the whole night because he was terrified of the fireworks). This year he did get a bit scared at first, but warmed up to some roman candles and sparklers. Carter was totally freaked out and cried after each one for about the first 15 mins, but slowly began to warm up. And after seeing Cooper and Conner hold the roman candles, he did one too! Pretty brave, I'd say! Overall, a great and celebratory day!

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Tracy said...

Love the pictures with the great grandparents. I forgot they are living at the same place now. That must make it easy for visiting. Happy late 4th!