Friday, August 8, 2008

Destin Vacation...A layed back kinda day!

We started the morning with another friendly game of tennis, and Cooper insisted on a mowhawk. I love his super cool pose!

Then we headed to lunch at this pizza place called The Mellow Mushroom. The pizza was soooo yummy! It took forever to get it, so we killed some time by taking silly pictures with Mr. Mushroom. He's really mellow as you can see! Luckily the pizza was worth the wait!

After lunch we headed to Fudpuckers to feed the alligators. Cooper has been asking to do this since we got here, so off we went. The alligators never really eat the food that you pay $3 for, but there is always the hope that maybe this time they'll give a crap, but nope...not this time either. We did get to see a guy get in the water w/ them and snag one. Apparently they have to switch out the one you have your picture made with every four hours and it was time for a fresh gator. That was pretty cool to watch.

Jean, staying as far away from the alligators as possible!

Mimi and the boys fishing for gators!

Daddy and Carter fishing for gators!

The boys on the gator! He was a little stiff!

We spent the rest of the day taking naps and the girls went shopping at the outlet mall! We had dinner at home and the boys were going to go for a night time swim, but when they got outside it was lightning really bad, so they had to come back up. It stormed all around us for hours, but never really here. Bummer. We're going to try again tomorrow night.

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