Thursday, August 14, 2008

Destin Vacation...Final Day of Fun!

We packed as much as we possibly could into our last day in Destin. We had promised the boys they could ride on the Go Carts earlier in the week, so we headed to “The Track”. It turned out they had a buy one ticket get one free special until noon, so we got enough tickets to let the boys ride some of the kiddie rides they had there. Carter surprised us all and got scared on all the rides. He’s usually pretty fearless, but he wasn’t crazy about anything but the carousel, but he would only do it if Day rode w/ him. They older two were able to ride next to us on the go carts, and Cooper got to ride twice, once w/ Cory and once w/ Day. Conner rode w/ me, and was less than thrilled w/ the ride. He had a very tight grip on my arm the whole ride. But once we passed Cory and Cooper and “won” the race, he was thrilled! We had a lot of fun!

Don't we look so cool!

Conner LOVED the Choo Choo!

Carter was excited at first, but you can see...he becomes less and less thrilled with the whole flying thing!

We came back from The Track and headed straight for the pool. We got in as much swimming as possible. You may remember the boys had tried to go for a night swim earlier in the week and a storm came and ruined their plans. So we promised the boys we would swim before we left. After dinner we packed up everything but our swimming suits and headed to the pool around 8:45 and swam until 9:45, packed up the car and left around 11:45. This trip was such a blessing to spend time with Papaw and Jean and to watch the boys experience new things. God has truly blessed us to be able to do these kind of things with our family! We’re already planning next year’s trip!

Carter just "chillin" with some hot girls at the pool.
Carter finally got the nerve to jump on our last day!

Enjoying our last night of swimming!

Conner getting some air!
Carter getting some air!

What a fun bunch of fools!

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