Friday, September 12, 2008

Jr. Jag of the Day!

On Wednesday, Cooper was the Jr. Jag of the Day! He was so excited on Tuesday, he already knew he was next and could hardly wait for Wednesday to get here. They are going in alphabetical order through each child in his class, to have their chance to be Jr. Jag of the Day. They get to wear a crown, and they spend a good bit of time talking and learning about that child. They count how many letters are in their name, how many vowels, consonants, syllables, and word wall words you can make from the letters in their name. Then they let the child tell something about themselves and they write a short (very short) story about that child and illustrate it. Then each child writes that same sentence on a story tablet and illustrate it themselves. These all come home with the Jag of the day in a little book. He was very proud of himself and came home all smiles. Here is a picture of him with his crown and the "story" they wrote with all the things they learned about Cooper and his name.

I thought this would also be a good time to update you on how he's been doing with kindergarten... Each day has most definitely gotten better and better. Mostly his struggle is in the mornings, being woken up, pushed to get ready faster, etc. He's very used to moving at his own pace and does not appreciate being pushed to move faster. I've started out with the strict rule that he cannot watch TV or play the computer until he's TOTALLY ready for school...that means; eat, dressed, teeth brushed, shoes on, and hair combed. It didn't take long for him to realize that the faster he got ready, the more time he'd have to watch a show or play a quick game on the computer. This has helped immensely! Now he's waking up on his own, and yesterday he told Day..."I'm not going to waste any time today, so I can play the computer." I guess a little motivation goes a long way!

They are having a book fair this week and last night at dinner I told Cooper we'd go early and let him pick out some books. I got home from the gym at about 7:25 and Day said he'd been up since 6:30 and dressed since 7, waiting for me to take him to the book fair. So, like I said, it's getting better. He always has a smile when I pick him up, and tells me several things he did each day...I make him tell me at least 3...otherwise it would sound like this...

Me-How was your day?


Me-What did you do today?


Not surprising, I know, but now he has to tell us three things at dinner so that we have some idea of what happens in his life:)

Here are a few Cooper funnies that he's come home with that I know you'll like...

C-"I got my name tag pulled today"

Mom- "What does that mean?"

C-"It means I was talking during silence at lunch, and they pulled my name tag."

Mom- "What happens then?"

C-"You have to sit out for five minutes at recess, but five minutes goes by REALLY FAST!"

(Good to see he was so affected by his punishment!)

Many of you know that Cooper has a tendency to be a little girl crazy. He has a girlfriend in every class he's in his Sunday school class, and apparently, one in every kindergarten class. He informed me the other day that he had 5 girlfriends at school. I tried to calmly explain that one girlfriend at a time is more than enough to handle. "No, I want to have as many girlfriends as I want!" Then I asked him how many husbands I had. "One." he said, sounding very dejected and annoyed all at the same time. Later, Day asked him if he had made any new friends. He told Day that he has a friend named Riley, that she's really nice and he wants her to be his girlfriend. Then he said, "Yeah, I follow Riley around all day, and she doesn't even know it!" He said this with a sneaky grin on his face, like he was so proud of himself. He cracks me up!

That's all I can remember right now, but I'm sure he'll provide me with new material soon!

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McCullough Family said...

I love the stories! Glad to know that 5mins goes by REALLY fast! So funny!