Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Musical Beds...

Well, we had several milestones come about this past week. All revolving around beds.

Some wonderful friends of ours (Jeremy & Kristin) are expecting their first baby (Miss Sydney) in early November and I had always hoped that I would find a loving home for my beautiful crib and changing table...so I was thrilled when they announced they were pregnant and the due date matched up perfectly with Carter needing to exit the crib.

Anyway...they came over last week and we played musical beds in our house. The crib was taken apart and the pieces moved into the Hemphill's car, then the bunk beds were taken apart and moved into Carter's room. Then the mattresses that the Hemphill's were giving to us, were put into Cooper's room. Yep, he gets to have his own room! He was very excited! At first I worried that he would miss sharing a room with Conner and protest, but he never said a word about it. Now this also means that Conner has graduated to the top "bunt", which he also thinks is super cool! And that leaves Carter who has graduated from the crib to his big boy bed on the bottom "bunt".

It is really no surprise that Mom and Dad were the ones who had the hardest time with all this "graduating". Ultimately it means that we no longer have any babies in our house. This was a harder pill to swallow than I expected! Carter is no longer a needy, helpless infant, nor is he even a wobbly little toddler, he's somehow creeped into little boyhood without me even realizing it. He has actually done surprisingly well with no bars to contain him in his bed. He's really only gotten up once each night, then with the threat of a spankin', decided that staying in bed was the safer choice!

Although, last night we had a pretty hilarious exchange. Back when we first put Conner in the bunk bed with Cooper, Cooper would sit up above, convincing Conner to perform all kinds of illegal acts, like getting toys and throwing them up to him, or telling him that it was perfectly fine for him to be out of bed reading books...knowing full well that this would guarantee him a spankin. Oh the joy of being the big brother.

Well, last night Cooper passed the torch to Conner, who was up on his new found thrown, convincing Carter to cook him a three course meal in the "kitchen". Carter doesn't realize that using a metal spoon to stir up "food" in a metal pot is not the sneakiest of methods. Day stood outside the door only to hear Conner telling Carter to "Go get that!" And Carter replied with a confused "huh?", only to be officially busted in every sense of the word!

So we'll see how tonight goes, until then here are the pictures of everyone in their new beds. I also included a few of Carter in his crib for the last time:(

Carter's last night in his crib.

The last morning to wake up in his crib.

He does look very grown up to be in a crib, much to my dismay!

All tucked in for his first night in the big boy bed!

Conner making his way up to his top "bunt".

"Mr. Top Bunt"

Cooper's face says it all! He's in hog heaven!

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Natalie said...

Carter does look awful grown up in that big boy bed!!! agh.

that is a lot of graduating to do in one week...at least for the mommy! i am glad they were all excited about the changes!

Elaine A. said...

I would miss that crib too, it's so beautiful!

They're just growing up too fast...

Cooper's expression is priceless!