Monday, March 2, 2009

Cooper's Fun Run...

Cooper's school had a Fun Run on Friday that was two fold. One, they were finishing a unit on nutrition and wellness, so what better way to encourage an active lifestyle. Two, they were hoping to raise money for a new sound system for the cafeteria by having people "sponsor" the kids who committed to run a certain length of time.

When I first asked Cooper how long he thought he could run he answered, "49 minutes!" I told him that would be like a Word World and half and maybe he should try again. His next choice was 15 minutes, but even then I was afraid that would be a stretch, so we finally negotiated it to 12.

The night before, during dinner he asked me, "Mommy, are you gonna come to my fun run and watch me?" "Heck yeah, I am!" I said. "You're not bringing Carter are you?" "We'll yes, he wants to cheer for you too! Plus I don't have a choice. Why would you say that anyway?" "Mom, he's always a trouble-maker!" (Can't really argue with that!)

So on Friday, the whole family...including Mimi, Pawpaw, Uncle Cory and his friend Clay all came to cheer Cooper on. Cooper was at the front of the pack and ready to take off with a vengeance. He did a great job and it quickly became a family affair.

Waiting to start...

And he's OFF!

Look at them go!

Making his first lap around. Looks like he's having a BLAST!

Carter really wanted to get in on the action so I decided to run with Cooper and let Carter come with us. After one lap around I was going to stop and let Cooper go on his own, but Carter screamed..."Do adin! Do adin!" So around we went, adin! After a second lap, he was not ready to stop. He went around 'adin' with Mimi, then 'adin' with Cory and once by himself! That makes for 5 total laps he went around! He was a runnin' fool!

Finish his second lap with Mommy.

Mimi took all three boys with her. Carter is now on lap 3!

"Do adin?"

That's really what he was saying! This was right before lap 4 with Cory.

Finishing up lap #5 with Cooper, and some other kid who seems to be confused as to which way the race is going:)

After about 20 or so minutes, I asked the teacher how long they were going to let them keep this up. "Oh, they're doing this for the whole P.E. hour! We still have thirty more minutes!" Good grief, that's a long time for 5 & 6 year old's. They could walk of course, and Cooper walked some, but mostly he ran his little heart out. We didn't stay to see him finish, it was windy and getting colder by the minute, so we headed home.

It was gettin' cold! Conner had seen enough, Carter wanted to keep on runnin'.

Cooper did a great job and had lots of fun! We are quickly becoming a family of runners! Come back soon to see a post of Day and I running the Cowtown.

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