Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Backyard Visitor

A few weeks ago we noticed we had a visitor in our tree in the backyard. We found a small dove with a nest full of two small eggs. We decided that she must not have scouted out her spot too well, since our backyard is like 'home run derby' every night. Not to mention, this tree is only about a year old and is very measly. We showed the boys and talked about how we had to be super careful not to hit the tree.

We've been giving her bread to eat, and keeping a watchful eye on the nest, thinking any day now we would see the babies. Well, today was the day! There are two fuzzy baby birds in the nest. I'm pretty sure she's wishing she'd made a bigger nest. They already look like they could fall out if the wind blows too hard.

Here's some pictures of our backyard visitors...

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iseethemailbox said...

I am not sure you'll ever read this but I had a dove do the same thing in a measly, pitiful nest in my Lady Banks Rose bush. At the same time my 18 year old baby,Timothy, was getting ready to leave his nest. I watched this baby bird sit on the end of his nest for 5 days. I started calling my son, my baby dove, I knew he was leaving for the middle East within a week. On the same day that the dove flew off, So did my son , my baby dove flew away for 6 months..3 months later, I am fine but I still call him "Baby Dove" and always will