Wednesday, September 2, 2009

More from Destin

Here are the shots from are very rushed photo shoot on the beach. We made the mistake of waiting until the morning we were planning to leave to try and get these pictures taken. We thought we had until noon to check out of the condo, but when I went to get our key fixed at around 9:45 on our way to the beach for pictures...the lady informed me that checkout was at 10. Ooops! We had most of our stuff packed, but not totally and we had planed to eat lunch in our room. I expained this to the nice lady, and she was gracious enough to give us until 11. So we had to rush through the pictures. I also didn't like the lighting as much as I did when we've done it at sunset in the past. As you can see from our was very BRIGHT!!! Our eyes are opened, but just barely! Bright sun and white sand are not good bed fellows when taking pictures.

They still turned out pretty well, considering.

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McCullough Family said...

Love the pics with your new camera!

llq said...

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