Monday, June 30, 2008

Conner is 3

We celebrated Conner's birthday a week early this year, since we will be camping on his actual birthday. So, as far as he's concerned he's already three, but technically he won't be three until Saturday. I spent almost an hour last night looking through three years worth of pictures, blown away at how fast the time has gone. Being the middle child, and the fact that Carter came so quickly after Conner did...much of his first few years is like a blur to me. One thing has not changed, he is still my little sweetheart. Those big brown eyes can get him pretty much anything he wants, and his sweet and tender spirit is like a breath of fresh air in the midst of a stressful and crazy life. His favorite things right now are...his blankie, his Mabrie and anything that Cooper thinks is cool. He doesn't eat, to go potty or to sleep without his blankie. I had to use a slide show for this post...sorry...just too many adorable pictures to share over my little Conner's first three years. To all of you who have help us get Conner this far...thank you, and we love you!


Natalie said...

wow, that was a lot of pictures! where has the time gone??? I can't believe that he is three either!

Oh and I have to have a copy of that picture of Kirstyn with Conner and Carter!

Tracy said...

Great compilation! We need to find something to keep our kids from growing up!!

3 Girls and a Daddy said...

Oh my... I LOVE all the ones of him and Mabrie I need you to send those to me! He is too adorable! You are going to have some trouble with keeping the girls off that one.

Elaine A. said...

Wow, these are great photos! I love the one of him dressed as a Cowboy, for some reason I just thought that one was SO cute! But they ALL are! AHHHH!

Happy late Birthday to your sweet Connor.