Friday, June 20, 2008

Day's Daddy Day

We had a Dallas Cowboy's themed father's day at our house this year. About a month ago Day made a flippant remark that he would like the boys to have matching Cowboy's shirts to wear on game days. Little did I know that finding these shirts would be next to impossible, unless of course you want to spend a fortune at the Cowboy's store at the mall...which is what I did. Not only did the boys have matching shirts, but mom got her one too. And for daddy, a Tony Romo jersey. He was in Cowboy heaven!

We are so blessed to have a daddy at our house who, first and foremost, loves Jesus and looks to Him daily, and second who would fly to the moon and back if we needed him to. He is always playing outside, pitching a baseball or pushing a swing. Or he's kissing a boo boo or whipping a bottom. He's not above doing anything and everything we need. I know this is a bit late getting out, but we love our daddy everyday, not just on father's day! Here are some pictures from his day and some that show all the many ways he is a wonderful daddy!

I don't have a picture with all of us together in our shirts, one because Conner wasn't there...he'd stayed at my moms', and two because I forgot. I will do one and post it later.

Here is a picture of the banner I made for him. Notice the boys shirts:)

Here's just a few of the reasons we love Daddy!!!

Spends Quality Time! Gives Lots of Kisses!

Always there to lend a hand! Can handle just about anything!!


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1 comment:

Natalie said...

very cute post. and i love the banner you made!

i was looking at the pictures and Kirstyn went to asking..."is that all about Cooper Day's Daddy?" and then she said, "LOOK, they have on new stadium shirts!" too funny.