Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Bodily Fluids...

Okay, so I'm officially sick and tired of cleaning up other people's bodily fluids! It started Friday night with Conner throwing up at Hawaiian Falls, followed by a full day of diarrhea. I felt so sorry for the little guy. On Saturday morning he was laying in my bed and he asked me, "Where does throw up come from?" I explained that it comes from your stomach, and whatever food is in your tummy when you throw up, comes out. A little while later, he had "the look" on his face, so I went and got him a bucket to throw up in. I asked him, "Are you going to throw up?" and he says..."I think I just threw up out my bottom." Thus the beginning of more bodily fluids. Carter came down with it on Sat. night and his lovely fluids of the #2 persuasion lasted until Monday night. And as of last night...Cooper was in my bathroom when I heard..."My poop is coming out like water. It's like swoosh, splash, sploosh!" Boys and poop do sort of go hand in hand. Only a boy would think diarrhea sounds were cool. Thankfully none of them have actually acted like they feel too bad. Which sort of makes it harder to make them take it easy.

Needless to say, we've been stuck at home all week and I'm losing my mind. We've missed out on playgroup today and who knows what else unless we can all get well. I'm shocked that neither Day nor I have gotten it yet. Is it sick that I was sort of hoping to get it just to shed a few pounds...yes, very sick. Day did have a good point that at least they're getting sick this week before we leave for Florida next Friday. Vacation can not get here fast enough!

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R said...

I'm sorry to hear that! Being sick "from both ends" has to be miserable. Do you think they picked up that "pool funk" that's been going around since the Burger's Lake contamination?

The Adairs said...

james and i were laughing out loud! you are too funny! on the serious note, i'm sorry you and the boys went through that!