Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Promised Playgroup Post

I promised a post of playgroup, so here it is. If I had to use one word to discribe what our playgroup means to me it would be...priceless! There is no amount of money, no family member, no event, bribe or trip around the world that I would trade for my playgroup! Now, let's be honest, the real playgroup belongs to the mommies! We have become like a little village of women, with our objective being to survive this insanity we call motherhood. I have no doubt that I could call any one of these amazing women and they would drop whatever they were doing to help me or my family! That is something that is not promised to any of us, and yet I am blessed to have half a dozen friends that love me and accept me for who I am, even the stubborn, strong willed, sarcastic part of me! (Wait, am I talking about me or Cooper?) Anyway...the fact that our kids love each other just as much is like icing on the cake! Today Cooper asked me..."Mommy when's playgroup?" I told him it was today and that we had to miss it because he and his brothers were still sick. He immediatly started crying saying, "But I miss my friends!!!" As much as I was annoyed by his crying, I must admit, I was crying on the inside too, because "I missed my friends, too!!!" WAAAAAAHHHH!

So, ladies, I love you and couldn't make it a day without you! Can you believe our kids are almost starting kindergarden? I'm glad we can all cry together, it just sucks that I have to go first...all by myself! But, I've always sort of been the "go first" girl, so here I go again. The blessing of having the oldest kid in playgroup. I guess once all of our kids are in school we might actually get to finish a sentence, a thought, a meal and an hour without one of our kids throwing a fit! Hey...something to look forward to! Thanks for always being there for me!
I tried to put the pictures in order, but I'm sure it's a little off. All we care about is our cute kiddos anyway, right?

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3 Girls and a Daddy said...

Oh my... they were so little!! I love that one picture of Mabrie at the pumpkin patch... Allie looks just like her!

Elaine A. said...

What a wonderful set of pictures and such sweet words! It really is a blessing to have such good friends (both Moms & kids!) : )

Starnes Family said...

How lucky you are to have this special group of people in your life. And, you deserve it, Michelle!

I love your blog and enjoy keeping up with your sweet boys.

Hi to Day from Casey!

Natalie said...

okay, David and I just had a great time watching your slide show! We were laughing about Kirstyn and her kisses!!! We could probably do a whole post about Kirstyn and your boys...'cause first she was after Cooper, then Conner cause "Cooper doesn't like to kiss anymore", well and now she is on a mission to 'babysit' Carter! too funny!!!

oh and as I was watching I laughed watching us all change....from being pregnant, attending WW, and then pregnant again...we have all changed so much from year to year! oh and it reminded me to tell you how fabulous you look now! I am so proud of your hard work you have put in to lose weight!

My Boys said...

I love you guys so much. I'm glad to see you feel the same way. I almost cried to see how big our kids have gotten yet how so little time has past. I wish everthing could slow down so we could enjoy every magical moment.