Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Playgroup Halloween Party...

Several of my other playgroup friends posted this picture, so I had to follow suit!

btw...mine are the two cuties front and center:) That's C3 & C2, from left to right ;)

Here they are...all 16 of them (actually, you'll notice that there are only 14 in the picture, but we are missing baby Christian and baby Claire who were too little to join the chaotic scene:) Our Halloween party was very crazy this year. We try and maintain traditions like having parties at each others houses, but after this one...we may have to rethink our 'traditions'.

For some reason there was lots of screaming (not crying...just random acts of screaming), loud playing of various instruments (, harmonicas, etc.), fighting over pretty much anything we felt like yanking out of someone else's hand, strawberry stains on the stairs (thanks to my sweet Carter, using the strawberry to help him crawl his way up the stairs), and the not so gentle roar from them just having to get louder to hear each other over all the insanity! It was a day to remember, that's for sure.

We sat around and joked about the 'good ole' days' remembering when we'd just lay them on the floor, let them roll around and the only worry we had was them drooling or puking on the carpet or on someone else's toy. Back then, there were only 5 or 6 kids each week. Now that we've all added to the digits of our family, it's no longer the playgroup of ole'. I personally love the chaos, it didn't seem to bother me this week at least. Maybe it's because I now realize how fast the days go by, and come next fall we will lose 3 more of our friends to Kindergarten. This will be the largest our playgroup will ever get...pending anymore surprise baby's in the next year:) (better not be me!!!)

Yes, it was loud.

Yes, it was crazy.

Yes, our husbands would have checked out after 2 minutes.

No WAY would I trade it for anything!

Just in case you were wondering how many moms go with this brood of babies...there were seven of us. That's a pretty good ratio, I'd say!

UPDATE: Actually there are 8 moms...I somehow forgot to count myself. That makes for two kids each. Actually, I have the most with three, but Cooper is no longer a playgroup friend, so I'm left with two...still a weird feeling, I might add.

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Natalie said...

okay, your picture is better than mine too. please email me your picture!!! i was too far off to the right to get a good angle.

McCullough Family said...

Craziness is FUN because it won't last long :)