Thursday, April 9, 2009

Opening Day!

It's baseball time again, and that means it's time for our annual trip to the Ranger's Opening Day game. For the past two years, we've gone to a tailgate party with some Grand Prairie Police friends of Mark's, but this year we decided to do our own little tailgate party. Unfortunately, the weather wasn't what I'd call favorable for such festivities and I tried to talk my hard core sports fan of a husband out of this idea, but he'd have nothing to do with that!
So, we packed up our grill, burgers, and dogs...along with Cooper (who got to cut school for the day) and Conner and headed to the ballpark around 9:30 am. Mind you, the game didn't actually start until 1:30, but we had to beat traffic and have plenty of time to cook-out and just 'chill'. (No pun intended!) And boy did we chill! It was only around 45 degrees when we got there, and I'm pretty sure it felt like 30ish when the wind blew.
But...we braved the cold and the boys played a quick game of baseball in the parking lot. While they were playing some guys from the Fort Worth Star Telegram came by and took some pictures of the boys. They got our names and where we were from, but did promise anything. Well, we opened the paper the next morning and low and behold, our little Conner...with a bigger picture than George!

George who? Who's that cute kid hitting the baseball?

We took the article to school on Tuesday and he said..."Mrs. Gala...I'm famous!"

The game was great, the Ranger's won and the boys got to hit some balls in the kid's park! It was another great day at the ballpark. Maybe next year will be a bit warmer. Here are some pictures from our day!

Super fun tailgate party!

Yummy beef!

The boys watching a DVD in the car...since they were FREEZING!

Thankfully our seats were in the sun, so we were warm for a good 45 minutes before the shade came and turned us into icicles again!

Captain was having himself a Cooper for a snack!

Conner getting ready to knock one out of the park.

Cooper hitting a grand slam!

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