Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Annual Sunday School Camping Trip

This year for our annual Sunday School camp out we went to Lake Whitney. It was a new experience for us, since this was our first time w/o our camper. We sold our old one just after the new year, and haven't found one we were tent campers for the first time. We put the boys in a small tent and Day and I used a tent we borrowed from our friends the Smiths. The weather was beautiful and the fellowship was great! We had a lot of fun, but it sure is different now that so many of us have kiddos. It just makes for a lot more work and a lot more mess to clean up, more mouths to feed, more clothes to wash when you get home, more people to keep track of, and more toys to fight over share.

The kids really did well overall and Cooper made a huge milestone while we were there. He's been talking for awhile about wanting to learn to ride his bike w/o training wheels, but since our first attempt, we just haven't taken the time to work on it any more. Well, Cooper made up his mind that he was going to take them off while we were camping. So the first chance he got, we took them off and he never looked back. In true Cooper form...he hopped on his bike and started riding like a pro. He did have some issues with starting and stopping, but mostly because his poor little legs are too short to reach the ground.

We are so thankful that we have a group of people that we can make memories with, that encourage us in our walk with the Lord and have seen us at our worst and love us anyway! I love the memories we are making with our family. (By the way, in case you were wondering why Carter didn't make it into any of the pictures, its because my mother graciously offered to keep him with her for the weekend. We love ya Carter, but you're just not camping material quite yet!)

The boys LOVED having their own tent!

Amelia and I played in the waves.

Conner looked for shells in the sand.

It was SOOOOO windy! Perfect kite flying weather!

Conner taking a turn with the kite!

Conner took great care of Amelia!

They were buddies all weekend!

The bluebonnets were starting to bloom, so we got a few pictures. Not the best outfit for bluebonnet pictures, but oh well!

He's just too cute not to take his picture!

Brent was nice and let Cooper hold his fishing pole. No luck with the fish though.

Dad was fine tuning the pole.

Nothings more fun than throwing rocks in the lake!

Cooper was learning how to skip a rock. It's harder than it looks!

Cooper taking off w/o his training wheels! Look at him go!

He was so proud of himself. Somehow this turned into another teary eyed moment for mom. Another sign of him growing up!

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