Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Don’t hate me because I’m behind!

Okay, so yes...I'm behind on blogging AGAIN! My excusses are long and uninteresting, so I'll skip that part and go straight for the good stuff.

I'll start with Field Day! Cooper's field day was not what I expected, mostly because I was expecting it to be like our field days when I was a kid. Not so much anymore. Mostly, it was just random 'sports'ish games that required little skill nor brought any real compitition. There were no ribbons or awards to win, but the kids seemed to have fun none the less. The few things that were familiar were good ole' Tug of War and the Three Legged Race.

Cooper and his buddies...Jackson and Lathan.

Jumping Rope

Cooper & Jackson winning the Three Legged Race!

Carter taking a turn w/ the football.


"Betcha Can't Guess"

Conner and Carter had a very scaled down version of field day at preschool. I came to get a few pictures of them in action. It was very cute watching them race each other and be so excited to finish. They did them by class so I didn't get any of them together.

Carter anxiously waiting for his turn.

...and he's off!

The ole' egg on the spoon race!

Looks like he found a faster way!

Two year olds and Tug of War, not a good combo!

Conner's ready with his egg.

He did really well!

Then the bean bag toss...his went next to the furthest.
Running his little heart out!

Three year olds and Tug Of War worked much better!
This post is long enough...stay tuned for more updates!

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