Wednesday, May 27, 2009


As many of you know, Conner and Mabrie are best buddies (in love and will be married upon their 30th birthdays, according to the contract that we've made with her parents!)

Unfortunately for us, Mabrie and her family have been in California for over three weeks while Mark has been working there. Conner had been making her pictures every so often since she'd been gone, so we decided to mail them to her. Carter made pictures for Allie and Cooper made a card for Mabrie too! We mailed it and waited for the news that they'd received them. Here are some pictures of their correspondence. Jenn was even nice enough to take a video of them opening their goodies and telling the boys thank you and that they missed them!

On our way to the mailbox.

Conner putting his letter in the mailbox.

Carter's turn.

And three short days later....

...there were smiles on two little girls faces.

This one is my favorite! I think she liked 'em!

Mission Accomplished!

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3 Girls and a Daddy said...

We sure miss Conner too!! Mabrie has been saying that she wants to have a sleepover when she gets back. I guess a playdate just isn't enough time to catch up :)